It’s truly a small world out there

I’m back! And by that I mean college. The spring semester started today and I could not be more excited. It just feels like home here. I know that where my family is is truly home, but I just feel at ease here. As soon as I got back it just felt right. As if I was where I was meant to be. Cause it is. I’ve always known that I wanted to end up in Kansas City. To me, there is no greater city.

Anyways, back to school. I thankfully only had two classes on the first day back. Even though one was at 8:30 this morning, I am so happy to be back in classes. I get to learn new things and meet new people. But sometimes, you run into some people that you haven’t seen in a while and it is a very “it’s a small world moment”.

That was quite like today. My second and final class of the day was at 5:30 this afternoon. I walk into class about 5 minutes before the teacher. When I saw her name on the syllabus, I knew I recognized her, but I wasn’t quite sure from where. When she walked in the room it hit me. She was my seventh grade french teacher. Once we introduced ourselves she recognized me too. And then she goes on to tell me that her daughter is in the same grade and is best friends with my sister. Of all the french teachers and of all the classes, I end up in hers. What a coincidence! It truly is a small world out there.

PS. If you couldn’t tell, I kind of just write as a train of thought. No real organization to what I am typing out. But that’s what I want. A place that I can share my thoughts and feelings straight from the brain with no filter. So I am warning you now, these blogs might just be everywhere.


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